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Article One Partners Pioneers New Type of Patent Search

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Tech Crunch is reporting that Article One Partners recently raised seven million dollars in venture funding for its new approach to patent searching.  Tapping into a community that is frustrated with what it considers to be overly broad patents and the limitations of traditional patent searching Article One Partners has become one of the world’s largest patent research communities.  Article One conducts its patents searches by distributing requests for prior art research to more than one million scientists and technologists using a global, human powered search engine. Article One passes requests from individuals or corporations to find prior art relevant to a particular patent to its community of patent experts who take those requests and return the most relevant prior art. Article One’s, the idea is to leverage its 18,000-plus scientists and technologists to deliver obscure and hard-to-find patent and IP research to its clients.

The community is incentivized by monetary rewards.  Researchers can earn between $5,000 and $50,000 for the return of applicable prior art. Article One also offers $100 prizes for the most valuable submissions on each project, and allows researchers to participate in its profit-sharing program by earning points based on their involvement and activity in projects on the site.

More information can be found at www.articleonepartners.com.